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Frequently asked questions
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1) What taxes are applied to the Euro millions Lottery?

The Euromillions Lottery are TAX FREE!

2) What days are draws held on?

Draws are held every Tuesday and Friday.

3) What prizes can be expected?

Jackpot prizes start at around 15 Million Euro and can grow as high as 100 million Euro.
General lottery questions

Please note our business model is that of a giant international syndicate manager

We have syndicate managers in all locations where we buy tickets, their job is to manage and run syndicates on behlaf of our players who are located locally as well as internationally. At present no lottery organisation has claimed that we can not offer a syndicate service of this nature and our goal is to write the worlds best syndication systems ever seen. We hope you enjoy using our service...

1) What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA and MC as well as NETeller and Moneybookers. We DO NOT accept AMEX cards or VISA Electron cards.

MoneyBookers.com and NETeller.com are E-Wallet solutions. They are a bit of a pain to set up however once you have your verified account making payments online is simple and easy. Both e-wallets appeal to different market segments. With an e-wallet account chances are you can make local bank transfers to your account which is convenient. The other advantage of using an e-wallet is that you won't expose you credit card details to multiple online merchants.

2) Where are you based?

The LotteryNetwork.net and its partner sites (this one) are run by Sunseven NV which is licensed and regulated from Curacao. You can contact us at any time via our helpdesk.

3) Do you buy tickets or do you accept bets on lottery games?

Our syndicate managers do buy physical tickets however we do have the ability to accept bets as well and this will be an offering in the near future.

4) I have not received my results?

Sometimes our automated mailers stop working whcih can be for many different reasons. As we are constantly updating our systems sometimes we make a mistake and your emails may stop coming throguh. If you have not received your results please let us know and we will look into it. Please also note that some ISP's will block our mailers as we our systmes are constantly sending mail to keep our cusomters up to date and we do end up being blocked once in a while. You can help by whitelisting our domain names.

5) My credit card wont go through?

You will find that some countries block gambling related transactions. While we are not strictly a gambling entity as we provide a service our payments are still coded as gambling for safety and security reasons (so we are told). If you are having trouble making a purchase, get in touch with support and we will make alternative arrangemnets.

6) I received an email stating I have won a lottery game that I never played in the first place?

If you have received any email stating you have won a lottery that you never played then its 100% certain that it is more than likely a 419 related email scam. Its easy to work out if the mail you received is fraud or not - simply Google the heading of the email and see what results you get... Chances are there is a lot of useful information written for you to analise.

In short a 419 scam or an advanced fee fraud scam in the lottery context is where a target is emailed informing them that they have won a large prize in some lottery draw that they have been randomly selected for. All sorts of reasons will be given as to how this would have come about. The scam however is quite simple, for you to receive your prize, you must first pay a tiny fee, almost insignificant, before you can receive your prize. And that my friend is the scam... Imagine lots and lots of people paying a "small fee" to reveive their prizes...

7) Who is eligible to use your service?

If you are over 18, you can use our service.

8) If I win a jackpot can I collect the prize myself?

Yes you can, we will arrange for you to collect the winning ticket from the respective syndicate manager.

9) Can I receive a scan of my ticket?

We are in the process of writing software that will do this automatically. At the moment our syndicate managers do not have the time to scan in tickets.

10) Any questions?

Lottery helpdesk